WA Order from Digital World International (DWI) - Parcel Not Received?

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12 July 2014
I ordered a camera from Digital World International. The parcel was delivered by DHL to the owner of the hostel I was living at that moment. I have proof of delivery with his name on it. I asked him for my parcel, at first he claimed he doesn't have it and he didn't pick it up. When I told him I have proof, he said he must have misplaced it and will look for it.

After one week of him looking, he then claims he sent it back to the sender. There is no proof of that and the tracking number says it has not been sent back. I contacted Digital World International and they still have not received it back. It has been over a month. I am pretty sure he did not send it back at all, because he has been lying from the start.

I asked for a refund from Digital World International because the parcel was not delivered to me as promised. They said they can't give me a refund because I did not insure the parcel and the item was not damaged. I then contacted the Department of Consumer Protection and the WA Department of Commerce, they say that Digital World International is not an Australian business,so they can't help me.

As I understand, I can't even contact the police about the parcel because the parcel doesn't belong to me until it is delivered to me, so only DWI can contact the police,which they won't do.

So do I have the right for a refund or replacement under Australian Consumer Law? What can I do about this situation? I am really worried because that parcel was worth 400 dollars and I don't want to just give it up.

Thank you!


Well-Known Member
10 July 2014
As the DCP said to you, they have no jurisdiction in international matters (this is why you should always by Australian). If the parcel was sent to the wrong address although has your name on it, you have every right to obtain it and if you have sufficient evidence to claim he stole it, contact police. Generally, if you have not received it from the company, contact them and explain the situation - ensure to persistently state that you have not received the goods. If it was delivered to his current address and under his name - permitting you did not give them his details, call the company.

winston wolf

Well-Known Member
21 April 2014
I think the issue is, is DHL contracted to deliver it to that address or to you.

Personally I think your out of luck. The owner nicked it and unless you get a copy from DHL that he accepted it and get the police to charge him.

John R

Well-Known Member
14 April 2014
Hi @Lisa1988,
  1. I agree with @winston wolf position.
  2. Have you considered sending a Letter of Demand to the Hostel Owner that signed for the parcel to demand the parcel (or the equivalent amount in cash that you paid for the goods)? Alternatively, reporting the Hostel Owner to the police for theft?