On Partner Visa - How Does Separation Affect Permanent Residency Application?

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3 April 2016
My husband (Australian Citizen) and I married in Australia on Aug 16, 2014. I applied for a Partner Visa (Subclass 820) on Oct 18, 2014. I was granted the Partner Visa (Subclass 820) on May 14, 2015.

During this period of 2 years of married life, I have been witness to physical, verbal and emotional abuse from my husband. My husband is now threatening me to separate and file for a divorce. I am currently working full-time in a permanent role and drawing a reasonably good salary.

I have a few questions since I am still waiting for my Permanent Residency:

- What is the effect on my Permanent Residency application if my husband files for a divorce now ?
- What happens to my Permanent Residency application if the husband doesn't sign the statuary declaration required for Permanent Residency?
- What is the effect on my Permanent Residency application if my husband withdraws support since he is the sponsor ?
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lee tran

30 April 2016
Hi! I have the same question. My husband gambles and I pay for everything. During my marriage life, I suffered a lot. He was unemployed and have other relationships but I still suffer. Now I've been waiting for permanent residency. What happen if I want to divorce? I married with another man.

Please help me.