NSW Offender of a card fraud

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Kenny l

10 June 2018
hi, I picked up a debit card and was tempted to use it. After I did that I regretted almost immediately and looked for the owner of the card through Facebook and tried to return the money. But the owner wouldn’t accept it and reported to the police, but not before I reported myself to the police. During the meeting with the police I’ve told them what happened without agreeing to do a video interview, they told me they would try to get in contact with her.

What should I be expecting? And what CAN I do? I don’t really want to get a record over a $100.


LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
27 May 2014
Depends how busy the police are and their attitude.

Just wait now and see what happens. It is hard to just sit and wait but that is all you should do until someone makes contact with you.