WA Non payment of Private School Fees

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by Sunflower12, 7 September 2019.

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    I have no way of knowing whether the father is a good dad or not so I can't comment on that. However your daughter does not get to choose not to be parented by her father at age 12. Unless there is a risk to the safety and well being of your daughter whilst in the care of the dad then the father will be able to get shared care of some % should he take this to court. Although it sounds like he might just have given up and is going to pay the CSA as he has no alternative but is unwilling to pay anything more because he has zero contact with his daughter.

    Have you considered both you and the father attending a parenting course for separated parents? In WA the Family Court recommends Mums & Dads Forever. Mums and Dads Forever Program | Anglicare WA Such a course would help you understand the importance of your daughter having her dad in her life and would help your ex to be a better dad, hopefully resulting in an improved relationship between all three of you. I attended this course and it gave me a great insight into how conflict between me and my ex could negatively impact on our children.

    Also maybe take the initiative with organizing mediation, you never know it could help resolve some issues

    Just an idea......
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    ok, so the question wasn't about whether or not mum should force the kid to go. Many here agree that a 12 yr old doesn't get to decide.

    But - the OP needs to understand that child support has gone up as a result. Sure mum can seek remedies to the fact that a verbal agreement is no longer being followed. But the fact is that verbal agreement was just that an agreement. Dad no longer agrees and the agreement can't be enforced.

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