QLD Private schooling intent

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28 February 2019
So my Son has been living with me for the past 6 years and has decided he wants to live with his mother again. For the first 3 years of his schooling, he was state schooled and lived with his mother. The following 6 years with me, he has attended private schools. Only in the last few months since we moved states has she been included on the enrolment form for the purpose of picking him up and dropping him off, but has had no financial responsibility for fees. We have never formally agreed jointly that he would attend private schooling and I have never applied for an assessment under reason 3. She has never contributed to school fees directly, although her child support payments (private agreement) do assist with the costs. Now that he is moving back with her though, she has stated that because I decided (not with a joint agreement) to private school him for the last 6 years that there is enough intent for her to claim addition payments through reason 3. Obviously this would require the registrar to do a re-assessment, but does the fact the he has always attended private schools whilst living me mean the registrar is likely to rule that I have to contribute extra? I have refused to sign the enrolment forms for the school she is trying to enrol him into (he will be changing schools due to distance) and have told her that I don’t have a specific desire for him to attend private schooling.


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5 February 2019
Usually if there's no agreement between the parents to enrol the child in a private school, CSA doesn't force the refusing parent to pay extra for private school fees, but I may be wrong. Anyone else with experience here?