No Access to My Son - What to Do?

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8 May 2014
Nil access to my son! No contact at all! We had a mutual agreement then she just come up with denying me any contact has been an avo in place for 12 months, and has since ceased. We had no problems no reasons for stopping contact at all.
What rights do I have at 50 /50 custody of my son or even full custody, where do I stand?
What steps do I have to take?


Well-Known Member
19 April 2014
Hi Mark,
You might want to look at my previous LawAnswers post about legally enforceable parenting arrangements and steps to putting them in place: "Custody of Children Rights - Travel Distance?". Having either Consent Orders or a Parenting Order in place means that you have legally enforceable arrangements in place about the parenting of your son that you both have to comply with and can hold the other person to them if they try to breach the orders

However, I think the AVO in your history may complicate and make things harder for you. I think you'll need personalised legal advice from a family lawyer. Do you know a good family lawyer? If not, let us know which State you're located in and we might be able to give you some location-specific suggestions.