NSW Neighbour Ran Over Dog - Can Car Insurance Get Damages?

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26 December 2014
Hi. My dog went out of the side gate as I was taking in bins. The neighbour ran her over. My dog is fine. I received a letter from my neighbour's car insurance company demanding that I pay for fixing his car the sum of $3200 following the car accident.

What should I do?

Tracy B

Well-Known Member
24 December 2014
Hi Sun,

This is an unfortunate situation and one that is really just down to bad luck. And unfortunately, the car insurance claim is also quite common.

If you were negligent in not securing your dog (e.g. not closing the doors when taking the bin out and not training your dog to stay within your yard) then any damage caused by your dog is subsequently born by you as the owner. The issue is whether you were negligent in what you did (or omitted to do).

In short, pet owners can be responsible for damage caused by their pets, including any car accidents caused by that pet if such accident was unavoidable.