Negligent Driving Penalty, Insurance Claim

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    On 31 August, whilst parking my car (car A) I touched the bumper on the car in front of me (car B). The owner of car B was there and became very upset. The owner of car B took photos and so did I. My photos show no damage to car B or car A.
    I was interviewed by the police on 4 October as a complaint had been made by the owner of car B. I answered all questions and provided photos.
    On 29 November, I received a Negligent Driving penalty notice. After looking through the NSW Government Justice LawAccess web site, I asked for the Police Fact Sheet - and in two occasions my request has been denied.
    I have been approached by car B's insurer claiming cost for repairs, which from the photos they have now supplied to me show old flaking paint and scratched not in the area where car A touched car B. The photos also show that the bumper bar of car B had been taken of it's clip - the bumper bar being separated from it's clip, is inconsistent with the pictures I took at the time of the incident.
    So I have two issues
    1- How do I address the Negligent Driving charge in the absence of the Fact Sheet? Is there any way I can compel the Police to provide the document I have asked for?
    2- I think there may be an attempt by the owner of car B to get per-existing damage to that car's bumper repaired at my expense. How to I fight that action?
    Any insight would be very much appreciated

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