Motor Vehicle Collision - Magistrates Civil court complaint

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7 March 2020
Hi Guys

Thank you all so much for dedicating your time. I hope you can help with your expertise as I am very stressed right now.

In september last year 2019 I was involved in a MVA with a ute. Long story short we exchanged details with insurance I have comprehensive. My vehicle was repaired.

Fast forward to this week I get served a letter to go to court, I get 2 letters from Allianz & their lawyers demanding payment $938 and intention to sue and now the matter has gone to the Magistrates court in Victoria CIVIL COMPLAINT.

However I only just got all 2 letters & the notice to court as the lawyers & the other parties insurance party has my address and my actual name wrong.

So on all the official documentation & notice to go to court etc it has my incorrect name and incorrect address (the next door neighbour).

I have forward all correspondence to AAMI which is my insurance but what are my options??? as they are suing the wrong person and wrong address I have 21 days to respond. Do I need a lawyer for this thanks.