VIC Minor Car Bump - Contact Car Insurance?

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13 November 2019
Hey all,

I recently bumped into a car in a car park, which was super minor. Barely moved a foot and bumped into the back corned of a vehicle.

I drive a FWD, so it left a couple of scratches.

The driver and I exchanged details, and she said not to worry about it.

Then, unexpectantly, I got a letter from her lawyer, saying that they intend to claim repairs and consequential losses.

I assume they went to a lawyer as they do not have car insurance. I have car insurance, but I'm not sure if I should contact my insurer or get legal advice? I'm worried they may have tried to make the marks worse or something, which is why they are pursuing it legally.

Any help is welcome!

Thank you,


Well-Known Member
12 March 2017
Definitely lodge a claim, pay your excess and let your insurance company deal with it. Make your insurer aware of your concerns regarding the amount of damage you caused.