VIC Accused by Taxi Driver for Car Accident

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14 August 2014
I was parked in horizontal car parking in the middle of the road. There are two lanes on each way. While I parked in the spot, the taxi was stopped on my left, in front of the crossing line (waiting for people walk pass)

I drove out and turn right into the right hand side lane. He pressed the horn really hard. Then he drove on the LEFT lane and overtook me, then immediately cut into from the LEFT lane into my lane and brake purposely. (Maybe he got pissed off saying I cut him off).

I was not able to stop, my front LEFT angle hit his RIGHT rear angle. (Minor damages tho) I got photos showing the damages happened exactly at the angle and showing both car is stopped on the right lane. (he moved a bit forward tho)
1. He refused to give me his licence details, but only phone number and number plate. (not even his name) So I only exchanged the phone with him. I reported to the police for the car accident and sms him a few times, he replied his car insurance company will contact me and ignore giving me his details.

2. I am uninsured (no car insurance).

3. No witness except people on my car.

A) Who's fault in this situation? I understand the rear hit rules, but i can prove its my front left hit his RIGHT rear. Would this sufficient for me to prove to his insurer company its his fault?

B) I was told, if i don't have insurance, pretty much I will lose the dispute?!!

C) If his car insurance company do not contact me, and he is not giving me his details. What can I do?

Thanks for the advice. Sorry for asking too many questions. But I really dunno what to do in my 1st accident. And i hate being accused. Please help.


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25 April 2014
Hi Tim,
I think you're still at fault, but you might be able to argue that the taxi driver contributed to the accident, and therefore is partially liable.
For A) B) and C) - The Legal Aid Victoria "Driving and accidents" page has some information you might find helpful.