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Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by Jeremy Thayer, 13 October 2018.

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    13 October 2018
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    I'm actually in vancouver bc. My names jeremy thayer. I'm a 33 year old rope access technician that repels down highrises and washes exterior windows,painting etc hundreds of feet in the air. I also work with tower cranes and commercial fish in the winter time. I'm very intelligent and have a good sense of street smarts being a troubled youth 14 years ago. Iv had this weird stuff happening where I think my family is contacting my employers and friends getting them to annoy me all the time causing me to quit my job as I'm just trying to avoid the conflict at work. In 5 years iv probly gone through 50 jobs. Iv moved to 5 different cities across Canada. They follow me and do the same thing. I'm a bit mentally f****d up by these guys. Its hard to explain without sounding crazy but if I go to the grocery store or am going to a job interview they pay actors all the time to say things beside me referring to what I'm pissed off about and then if you ask them about the coincidence there like o what are you talking about buddy. Your crazy??Maybe once or twice ok give a laugh and tell yourself its just a coincidence but it happens all the time in my building at work and even in jail.They somehow had the guards do it so I think there a pretty powerfull person. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this. Its my 6th year this year I'm pretty sure it's my old boss or my mother. I grew up in foster care so I don't have a good relationship with her and there stalking me. How can I get them to stop. I tried to leave it alone but after my 6 mth spent in jail and now there doing it again I just want them to stop. I have some really bad anxiety issues now because of this and there making me into a rude angry person which I'm not. I want to move again and it's an invasion of my privacy. How can I bring this to court
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    You can't bring it to court.
    Mate. This is an Australian website. It deal with Australian law. So it isn't gonna help you.
    I'm not gonna sugar coat this. I don't think your estranged family are stalking you. I think you should tell your doctor and if the doctor tells you that you're imagination is causing you to believe things that are not true, then seek some help down that path before trying to find a solution within the structures of the law.

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