QLD issues with yellow pages advertising

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17 November 2015
Hello Everyone.

I am a sole trader, running a small painting buisness
I entered into a 6 months months contract with Sensis to list my business on yellow pages for $790 per month
before to purchase this advertising package, their sale person said , this package is great and it will work for you, you will get more customers and jobs and I said to her , look I'm a bit worry if it doesn't work $790 per month is a lot of money, she said it works for everyone, and will work for you too.
for the last 3 months I received about 20 qoutes, most of them were too small and too far, or was not relevent to what we are offering I couldn't qoute them, but qouted 3 of them and didn't win.
so ended up getting no jobs of this advertising.
I requested them to deactivate my account, it really dosent work and they are forcing me to pay for 6 months, I haven't paid their invoice yet , just seeking help to know about my Right if I'm entered into an unfair contract and price.

thanks for your Help