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QLD Is Police Workplace Bullying Worth Pursuing?

Discussion in 'Employment Law Forum' started by tru, 14 June 2016.

  1. tru

    tru Member

    10 June 2016
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    Officer forced to medically retire due to stress, after asking for psychological assistance by police HSO who advised silence on issues regarding mental health in order to keep police career. Workcover claim was rejected after two psych evals. Witnessed and subjected to workplace bullying by way of verbal/physical assault and worse (unsure about disclosing descriptive details on here). Attempts to report workplace bullying resulted in further bullying by senior officers reported to. Police Union unhelpful.

    Is it worth pursuing? Any suggestions?
  2. Gorodetsky

    Gorodetsky Well-Known Member

    21 February 2016
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    Hi tru,

    Bullying in the QPS?

    Workplace Bullying is addressed within the Human Resource Management Manual at Chapter 3 - Negative Workplace Behaviours and Chapter 19 - Grievances.

    In brief, the policy identifies behaviours which may constitute workplace bullying, places a positive requirement on all police to avoid such conduct at all times and sets out a guideline for complaint, reporting by witnesses and the management and/or dispute resolution of such conduct.

    Physical assaults should be reported to (and addressed by) the police.

    Good luck,

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