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NSW Is Flashing Lights on NSW Police's Private Car Allowed?

Discussion in 'Other/General Law Forum' started by OliviaDon, 14 June 2016.

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  1. OliviaDon

    OliviaDon Member

    14 June 2016
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    Is off-duty NSW police allowed to have flashing lights fitted on their private car? Not sure if anyone has come across this issue before...
  2. Lance

    Lance Active Member

    31 October 2015
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    Are you sure that you can distinguish between an unmarked police vehicle and an off duty officers private vehicle?

    The following is available from the Roads and Maritime website:

    Blue, or blue and red flashing lights are only be fitted to:

    • Police vehicles.
    • Ambulances solely used by the Ambulance Service of NSW
    • Operational fire brigade vehicles.
    • An RTA Traffic Commander or a Traffic Emergency Patroller
    • State Emergency Service vehicles.
    • Vehicles used by an accredited rescue unit

    Blue and red flashing lights can only be used by a vehicle being used for police operational functions or urgent purposes.

    This might be useful:

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