Inaccurate Expert Report

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16 December 2020
I engaged an Expert Report writer in support of my claim against a contractor (resealing of concrete area around the house), for an NCAT Hearing held in September. The concrete area developed white blotchy spots, which I claimed was due to the Contractor's work.

The Report had incorrect information and facts, which I communicated with the writer after his Draft and Final Reports were submitted to me. Some changes were made but still the Report was incorrect and still the writer failed to amend the factual content of the Report. As I needed to submit the Report the next day to NCAT and the Respondent, I submitted the Report. The Hearing was held with my complaint being dismissed as my evidence/Report was ambiguous and didn't establish the Contractor was responsible for the damage.

I would like the Report writer to be held accountable for the inaccuracies within the Report, as my Hearing was held and adjudicated on incorrect and inconsistent information. I still have damage to my property, which I have to repair.

Am I able to submit a (fresh) complaint to NCAT through the normal process against the Report writer? I would be able to highlight the inconsistencies and ambiguous terminology I brought to the writer's attention prior to my initial Hearing.