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NSW Imported Sports Car - Workshop Withholding Papers?

Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by alexaus, 20 May 2016.

  1. alexaus

    alexaus Member

    14 July 2014
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    So my cousin has improved a sports car from the USA. His import broker recommended a workshop who could do its compliance checks. The workshop then informed him that the car needed an engineers certificate and a couple of modifications to be compliant.

    He was quoted $400 plus parts and a couple of weeks turnaround time. The work was not delivered on time, it took almost 7 weeks to get the car back. At the time that my cousin went to pick up the car, he was told that the bill was over $4000. This had not been discussed.

    In the meantime, the workshop has registered his corvette in their company name and are now holding the paperwork for the car ransom until he pays the invoice in full.

    My cousin has since borrowed (more) money to pay half the invoice - he still owes ~$2000.

    I don't believe that they can withhold the papers for a 20-25 thousand dollar car in lieu of an outstanding balance of $2000.

    I'm curious to know whether there is any legal route under Australian consumer law my cousin might take to rectify this situation (the issue being that he has no cash as he was relying on selling this car).
  2. Rod

    Rod Well-Known Member

    27 May 2014
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    Lawyer would need to see the quote.

    I suspect the quote was qualified by what the engineers found, in which case your cousin has taken a risk importing a car not compliant with Australian regulations and that risk eventuated. Might have a case if he was not told in advance the work was substantially more than the quote. Tricky to answer without details.

    Go see a lawyer.
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