VIC How to Take Child Protection Order Back to Court?

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18 April 2017
Hi :)

I need help and someone to point me in the right direction.

My children were staying at my parents for the weekend. In that time, my home was deliberately lit on fire. Thank god it was put out when it was or my children and I wouldn't have a home. The following week, I received a phone call from child protection. They arranged a time to meet and said they were investigating because of the fire. I thought it was strange...

My kids were safe with my parents, the firemen saved me and there was no risk from the damage from the fire that could affect the children in anyway.

As time passed I did what they said, appointments with them etc... It was all voluntary; I never said no. They then took it to court, they gave me a date some time in November 2016. I received a call from child protection telling me they weren't going to be involved and there was no means to go to court. However there was a court case and an order was made, custody to the secretary. Without me being there, without me knowing. It literally tore me into two.

They gave care to my parents and gave me about 10 conditions to follow. One condition was my daughter was to see her father in prison monthly visits were to be scheduled. My daughter, 4, has never met her father, she knows of him, I've spoke highly of him and never a bad word about him to her. I have been worried about him because of his crime which I never knew he was capable of.

I believe he was on ice and carved a man up in all ways possible. He is now deemed as a sexual offender and a violent offender he received an 8 year sentence with 4 on the bottom. I was with him for two years before I conceived, not once did it cross my mind or his families mind that he could do what he did or even take drugs, like me he was so against them.

I'm scared that something could happen to my daughter if he is granted visitation when he is released. I was told he was due for parole last month (march) my daughter was taken to the prison with my mother and a child protection worker, I'm happy my daughter enjoyed herself with him and they both got to spend quality time together. When my daughter came home she told me she didn't want to see him ever again and that he scares her. It made me very uneasy to hear her say these things.

Is there anything that can be done that my daughter doesn't have to see him if she doesn't want to? Also the order doesn't seem fair and I need some help if there's any way to get the order removed and take it back to court?

I'm sorry about the long message I wanted it to be very detailed so you all knew where I'm coming from

Thanks :)


Well-Known Member
23 July 2014
Sensitive matter. You need to speak to a lawyer.