QLD How to Legally Ensure Son Inherits Unit - Tenants in Common?

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4 August 2015
I plan to marry this year. My partner owes over $100,000 in child support. I own my own unit. He has nothing. I want to leave the unit to my only son. How can I do this legally?

I know I have to change my will when I marry. My partner has not contributed towards the Unit. He pays half rates, body corporate, electricity, etc. Should I make my son Tenants in Common to ensure he inherits the Unit?

Your help is appreciated.


Hi Sharon,

If you change the title on the unit so that you and your son are Tenants in Common - your share of the unit will pass to whomever you assign it in your will. However if you change title so that you and your son are Joint Tenants - full title will automatically pass to your son if you die. It doesn't even form part of your estate that is distributed by will or rules of intestacy.
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