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16 June 2020
Purchased a smart watch online from Harvey Norman.Item arrived and would not charge so unable to use.Day after delivery took item to local Harvey Norman store,Mandurah WA where the manager checked it and confirmed it was indeed not working.He was happy to do a refund however he found he was unable to do so as it was not on his system.He was kind enough to email someone on our behalf asking for advice on how he could do this for us and copied us in the email but we never received a response.Afterr many emails and contacting paypal we finally received an email saying it was necessary to return the item to them to be assessed before we received a refund.The watch was for a birthday gift and had not option but to purchase an alternative gift and since we are pensioners we would be waiting a number of weeks taking into account the mail service to the eastern states and however long it would take to "assess" a brand new out of the box item!! This is not a used item that stopped working after a few months it was never working from the day of delivery.I have requested via several emails to reurn the item to our local store where the manager has agreed it was not working and they arrange a refund immediately via them.Despite all my requests they are insisting that will not be happening.Where do we stand with this refund,are we able to insist we return to our local store.This is very stressful for both of us.