NSW How to Make Harvey Norman Honour the Price?

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18 February 2017

Today I went to Harvey Norman to buy a computer. I was assisted by a salesperson who showed me a "touch screen" HP computer on display. The computer had a sales sticker attached to the front of it stating the sale price.

The salesperson stated that this was a very good price for a "touch screen" computer. I asked if they were in stock, she said yes and I purchased the computer on the basis that it was "touch screen", money was exchanged and I have a receipt.

Upon return to home, I unpacked the computer. The computer I had received was a HP computer, But not a "touch screen" computer and definitely not the one she had shown me on display. I rang the store 3 x times before i could speak to the assistant. She said sorry, the sale sticker was on the wrong computer and if I want the model she had shown me i would need to pay extra.

I said to her, I had asked you questions regarding the "touchscreen" computer that you had just shown me and you (the sales person) told me the "touch screen" was in stock for the sale price stated and I was under the impression that i purchased the "touch screen" that i was shown.

Where do I stand, for them to honour the sale price they had on the "touch screen" computer?

I appreciate your assistance.

Many thanks


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31 October 2015
Hi Annaz,

At the moment, it's all reliant on the sales assistant telling the truth. Check the sales receipt is it for the model you have in hand of the model you though you were getting. I suspect it's for the model you currently have.

Go back to the store with the item and try to have the same conversation in the presence of a witness, so take a friend. Ask to speak to the manager and point out you only bought the computer under the pretence that it was a touch screen. Explain what the sales assistant said about the incorrect pricing.

The situation is this I believe that they have an opportunity to correct the pricing before the check out but the sales assistant didn't do that because she failed to inform you that she wasn't providing you with the correct item. I think that what you have them on their failure to inform you they were supplying the wrong item.

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