VIC Furniture after sale of house

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25 January 2020
My brother bought a house off his step mother over six months ago. Her family would not come and get the furniture and other possessions stating he could use them. Not that he wanted to. He has passed away so we needed the house emptied. We packed everything up and packed it in the shed so that work could be done to the house. We told them we need everything gone so they came up but as things didn’t go there way with storing at someone else’s place and it costing them $1000 to get a furniture removalist they have turned nasty. They are accusing us of stealing an old television and other unnamed things. They did leave behind all the junky stuff they did not want. We have never seen the old television so don’t know if my brother got rid of it before he passed away. They are calling us liars etc and threatening legal action. Surely we cannot be held responsible for anything left behind at least six months after the sale of the house.


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27 May 2014
You can't stop someone taking action if they want to. To maximise you chances, document items, take photos, and put things in writing to the other side.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Let 'em threaten.
All they have to do is prove what was there in the first place.

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