QLD Friend's Business Closed Down with One Day's Notice - Commercial Law?

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4 December 2019
So, my friend sells goods inside a retail shop (which basically sells a lot of different goods such as phone cases, clothes, plushies, accessories and etc. Each shelf that sells the different goods are owned by different sellers. So the owner owns the shop and sellers own their little shelves with their products to sell if that makes sense).

Recently, she received an email from the owner that their store will be closing down as their profit has been reduced by 40% for the past year. They stated their apologies and dates on when to collect their products from the store. I think it's unfair that they only announced this the day they decided to close down. I think they should've at least gave her and the other sellers notice of the store's situation previous to the announcement.

My friend has lost her source of profit in a day and needs to find ways to sell her leftover goods. Is there am commercial law for this kind of activity so that my friend could sue the owner or do something about it as she has unfairly lost her profits?

Rob Legat - SBPL

LawTap Verified
16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
This will likely come down to the terms of the contract between your friend and the business, and the reasons for the sudden shut down and lack of notice.