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Kate P

11 April 2018
Hi Im wondering if anyone knows anything about French or EU Estate Law?
My Father has died whilst residing in France approximately 10 months ago.
It has taken this long for my stepmother & Australian Solicitor to send us a copy of his will despite repeated requests.
He was still a resident of Australia and has elected for his estate to be processed using NSW state law in a handwritten letter that was not witnessed nor made at the same time as his last will and testament.
Does this mean that if we contest the will in Australia that all his assets, including the foreign ones will be seen as his entire estate or will we need to contest in both France and Australia?
If no one has any answers here, I'd be pretty keen to discuss this with an Australian lawyer who is conversant in French & EU estate law if anyone can point me in that direction.
I understand that by writing this handwritten document he has tried to circumnavigate the French law that disallows parents from disinheriting their children as is our case so would be keen to see if this handwritten document would stand up in a French court should we decide to go down that path.