QLD Freelance Work - Payment Hasn't Gone Through to Bank Account

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15 April 2015
I did some freelance work for a UK company at the beginning of the year and sent them through an invoice to be paid for my work. I have a bank account with Credit Union Australia and sent them through all the beneficiary bank information on the invoice. Because of my own stupid mistake, they sent through the money to the incorrect beneficiary bank and the payment will need to be re-sent to the correct beneficiary bank. I have been in correspondence with them as well as CUA in regards to this.

They have informed me that they will send through the payment again but I have been in contact with CUA and no payment has gone through.

Legally, who should I be contacting in regards to trying to chase this money up if this UK company don't get their act together? I assume the Ombudsman but I couldn't really see any information on their website when it comes to an issue like this.

This is mostly to get some pre-emptive information as I'm getting a little frantic about them not replying to my emails.


Hi gotobread,

Generally their bank will be able to track and cancel the payment to the incorrect person (if an account with the details you provided even existed). I did this recently when someone provided wrong bank account information. However it took a while for the transaction to be reversed and the money to come back to me. The UK client may be waiting for the money to be returned to its account before it pays it out again.