Father trying to change kids school without consent

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    Hi all, wondering if you can help.
    A friend of mine has 2 children with her ex husband. The arrangement has recently changed from the father seeing the children 5 nights fortnight to 50/50.
    Father of children has contacted the mother last night via phone call to inform her that the children will be moving schools at the start of term 2 stating he cannot pay for their school and is struggling getting them to and from their current school. Mother has offered to pay for children's school for the rest of the year and go back to old arrangement of 5 days a fortnight to help the father. Father informed mother he will keep children in his care and mother can see children every second weekend if she does not agree to the change of school. Father expects mother to drop children off to school bus, mother does not feel comfortable as children are 6 and 9.

    I have printed and asked the mother to complete an application for legal aid and she has spoken to the current school and proposed school informing them of the situation.
    Can anyone offer any further advice? Thanks!

    Edit: there are currently no orders in place.
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