QLD Family Law - Should I Attend the Family Report?

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23 July 2014
This isn't legal advice, it's just what I would do if presented with the same circumstances.

I would respond to the ex and state clearly but politely that you agree with the recommendations of the family report writer that it is in the best interests of the child to remain living in close proximity to both parents and as such, a relocation is not in the child's best interests. Consequently you are not agreeable to her proposal to relocate the child's residence at this time. I would also warn that in the event the child's residence is relocated unilaterally against the best interests of the child and without your consent, you will pursue an order for the child's return at the next interim hearing.

It's hard to know what a judge would decide in these circumstances, since it doesn't usually like to restrict a person's right to freedom of movement, but the timing of the relocation is not going to look great for her argument. She has a report that says the child's best interests are to remain living in close proximity to both parents, and two weeks after she receives this report, she decides to ignore the child's best interests and move without your consent anyway? The judges here aren't idiots.