QLD Family Court Orders for Property Division - Hiding Superannuation?

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6 December 2014
Help please! Am currently in the last stages of property division. Family court Judge ordered me and ex-husband to go to mediation and disclosure of his superannuation within 21 days. Today I have received an email stating he is getting a 'company' to help him and it will take 28 days.

I've heard of instances where one party rolls over superannuation and discloses statement balances of the pre-rolled balance and a statement showing a nil balance on another fund (after rollover) thus reducing the amount of held Super. Of course, 28 days would be ample time for my ex to carried out this scheme.

I have searched and searched and I cant find anyone to help me locate his superannuation. Of course, he can do it through the My.Gov access or call the ATO but I can't as its not my Super. I have no idea of the funds either as he has held possibly nine or so jobs in our 20 year marriage and I didn't take note of the super fund details to organise the Form 6's myself. I am self-acting.

Sarah J

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16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Kscib,

If there is evidence to support your suspicion that your ex is trying to, or will be trying to, hide his superannuation, you can either
  • Get him to give an undertaking (like a promise) to the court that he will not deal with his super fund in the meantime
  • Apply to the court for an interim injunction to prevent him from dealing with his super fund