Expert Witness made a mistake.

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Daniel Smith

Active Member
12 October 2017
I've just had a NCAT case that I lost, I had supplied proof that the cars engine was damaged before I purchased it but my expert witness said in court "when the oil light comes on, that tells you there is a problem with oil pressure, and he said it was 'correct' that upon an engine being dusted the light would come on quickly, with or without towing anything". The member quizzed him about this light and made the judgment based on this.

It is an incorrect statement that he will not correct, he has admitted he will change the word quickly but no more than that. According to every engineer I've spoken to the two issues "oil light coming on" and "dusting" are not connected in anyway I drove the car after this event and the light never came on again.

Can anyone tell me why he won't retract his statement?

Is there anything I can do when an expert witness makes a mistake?

Do I have a time limit to fix this error?