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20 May 2014
I am a joint executor (with my eldest brother) to our late fathers' estate. My brother was given Power of Attorney by our father over the last 10 years.
In this time the family home was sold, our father bought into a retirement centre and my eldest brother oversaw the financial affairs of our father including his annual tax returns.
What I would like to know is can I request details of the financial matters of our late parent to verify that no untoward payments or transactions has occurred over the last decade as executor of will and estate?

winston wolf

Well-Known Member
21 April 2014
These thing are always very tricky.
You can request the records from the bank but they may ask that the co-executor agree to the request.
I don't believe they should deny you request as the point of having multiple executors is to check on each other. Bank are ULTRA adverse to any risk so they tend to deny almost every thing at first but may come around if you push.

In my opinion you role as an executor is to ensure the beneficiaries receive what is due. Part of this is to seek out any creditors and the bank record will assist in this.

I doubt they will keep this from you brother so be prepared for him to know.
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