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The Land Titles Building is located at 311 21st Street East in the Central Business District of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The architectural firm of Storey and Van Egmond designed the building in the Romanesque Revival style. The building was constructed by Smith Brothers and Wilson in 1909. Additional expansions were done between 1910 and 1912. The building housed the land title office until 1959 when the office was transferred to the Law Courts Building. The provincial government stopped using the building when it was sold in 1994. The building now houses the law offices of Brayford and Shapiro.The building was designated a Provincial Heritage Property in 1985.

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  1. Victori88

    QLD If I don't utilise a +5yr option on a land lease do I have to pay a title change with DNRME?

    Hi, I leased some land from my local council, it was a 5yr (+ an option of 5 yrs) lease. I was sent the new lease paperwork when the first 5 years were up 30th May 2020. The staff member advised that I would have to pay $190 to re-register the title. Due to the financial downturn, we decided not...
  2. Jane White

    TAS Lost Power of Attorney Documents - Help?

    My elderly father has appointed me as his power of attorney, after my late mother's recent death. The POA was registered at the Land Titles Office in Hobart lat last year by a local law firm and I collected the documents soon afer. My memory, since my mother died, has been badly...
  3. K

    SA Land Titles Office - Getting Name Removed from Property Title?

    Hi, my ex and I bought a property together 9 years ago and my lawyer and I got enforcement orders last year to have my name removed from the bank loan and property title. So my ex paid the house off $550k in EFT payments within a month last year... guessing he couldn’t refinance due to Child...
  4. B

    Tax implications buying into mothers house

    Hi, Could you explain to me the implications around buying into my mothers house? My mum is separating from her partner and I would like to get a loan to buy out her partner, both parties will live there as their main residence. Will there be CGT or Stamp duty? Also the house already has a...
  5. Umair Syed

    VIC Major delays in land titling

    Hi guys. I and my family is in alot of stress since we have been misguided by our builders. Basically we booked a land and home package 2 years back by paying 5% deposit which was almost $20k AUD. Since then we have been repeatedly told that the land will be titled in next 3 months rolling but...
  6. A


    Is it usual for the Executor/family solicitor (who is not a beneficiary), to have their name put on the land title of the family home. This is with another executer who is a beneficiary. What would be the reason? If the Executor/beneficiary died while the executor/solicitor (who is not a...
  7. S

    NSW Adding spouse to property title

    I would like to add my spouse to our property title. We have already recently refinanced our mortgage so he is already now included on the mortgage. What is involved with this (paperwork / costs) and is it easy to do?
  8. L

    QLD Adding name to land title - help!

    Hi, Last year a friend and I purchased a block of land. As she was dealing with the lawyers etc her name was put on the title - and the bank mortgage as interest. This year we bought the adjoining block with both names on the title. We had surveyors doing the work to amalgamate the blocks so...
  9. C

    VIC Deposit Question [need help]

    Hi, Need clarification on deposit risk, hope somebody can help. Appreciate your response by 7th May 2017 recently we have put down an initial 5,000 deposit for a lot purchase on a non titled land. The developer has sent through the contract and section 32. The solicitor has gone over the...
  10. Alexander_Descartes

    NSW Joint Tenants - Should Life Tenant be on Certificate of Title?

    I am a life tenant in an estate. I received this benefit through a will about 5 years ago. I just posted a question in this forum about my status as owner or tenant for insurance purposes. I have a second more general question about life estates. Before posting on this forum, I rang the NSW...