VIC Ex Seeking Intervention Order Against Me - How Do I Object?

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4 November 2014
Hi. My ex and I had been arguing for a while and the relationship ended which I was fine with as I don’t want to be with her anymore. But now she’s made an application for an intervention order (restraining order) and is spreading lies about me. She keeps texting crap to me, but I don’t reply.

An intervention order would be a load of BS - nothing she's saying is true. How do I object/stop it?

Thanks - appreciate any thoughts.

Michael T

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
Hi @MadMax.
If you don’t agree, then you’ll need to appear in court on the date the application will be heard before the court and convince the judge that:
  • the claims made against you are false, and
  • you are not a future risk to the person needing protection.
See the Legal Aid Victoria “Options for dealing with an intervention order” page that sets out further information about your options and the procedures going forward.

Also read the “How intervention orders work” page and the “Going to court for an intervention order hearing” page.