NSW Employment Law - Company's Discrimination Towards Malaysian Team?

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22 February 2016
We work in a sales environment with two teams. One targets at the Australian market and the other targets at the Malaysian market. We think that the company is operating with discrimination towards the Malaysian team in many ways:

1. We have a different base salary for the two teams, AU team at 60k and Malaysian team at 50k. To be clear, the Malaysian team's performance is better than the AU team, accounted for 2/3 of the sales revenue, and yet get paid less.

2. When it's the Malaysian holidays, and we cannot call clients, the manager forces us to take annual leaves and come back to work on Australian public holidays to replace our annual leaves.

3. The manager wants us to make the most of our working hours, from 9am-6pm, which is already longer than the usual working hours. He said that it would be better for us to stop taking coffee and cigarette breaks and focus on work.

I think what the company is doing is discrimination, and we want to get help to seek justice.

Please help us with Employment Law. We really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Serge Gorval

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2 November 2015
There may very well be a case here. Are you both based in Sydney? And the only difference being which country you target ?