QLD Employment Dismissal - Amount of Notice?

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23 August 2014
Hi people.
I am employed full time and am paid on a fortnightly basis. In my employment contract. It stipulates that I have to give 2 weeks notice of termination and therefore assume they have to do the same. There are certain situations in which the company says there will be "instant dismissal" as a consequence. A few that spring to mind:

1) Playing any music
2) Failing a drug test
3) Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol
and a heap of others, these are just examples.

Does the company have to payor give 2 weeks' notice in the case of instant dismissal? Do I have any employee rights?


John R

Well-Known Member
14 April 2014
Hi @stevej,
No music!?

On a more serious point, my understanding is that no notice period is payable for instant dismissal (also called "summary dismissal" in many small businesses).
That said, any outstanding wages and leave (annual and long service) entitlements would still be payable on instant dismissal.
Further information - Fair Work Ombudsman - Ending Employment

Hope this helps!


Active Member
23 August 2014
Thx John for reply .

Yeah no music wtf? some mines if the music player in your truck isn't working then you tag it out as unfit for service (fatigue management) but not here.

So are there any circumstances where i can give "instant" notice?