national employment standards

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The National Employment Standards (NES) is a list of ten minimum entitlements for employees in Australia who are covered by the Fair Work Act 2009. An award, enterprise agreement, other registered agreement or employment contract cannot provide for conditions that are less than the national minimum wage or the NES and they can not be excluded. The NES have applied to employees since 1 January 2010, having replaced the previous five entitlement standard (called the Australian Fair Pay and Conditions Standard) under the WorkChoices legislation.

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    Homework Question - When did National Employment Standards Come into Effect?

    1. When did National Employment Standards come into effect? 2. How many National Employment Standards relate to leave?
  2. W

    VIC Conflict Between National Employment Standards and Employment Contract?

    Since reaching age 60, I have been working for 12 years as a casual teacher for an RTO under a signed Employee Contract termed 'Non-Award' and receiving the approximate 25% loading for casual employment. I do not know if this Agreement is a ratified one with the FWC. There is no Union in this...
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    Redundancy Payment and NES

    I was recently made redundant. I worked through my notice period. My EA has a stated minimum 12 weeks severance pay and my employer said that my pay through the notice period counts towards the minimum. The definition in the EA defines severance pay as: salary in-lieu of notice in...