national employment standards

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    Homework Question - When did National Employment Standards Come into Effect?

    1. When did National Employment Standards come into effect? 2. How many National Employment Standards relate to leave?
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    VIC Conflict Between National Employment Standards and Employment Contract?

    Since reaching age 60, I have been working for 12 years as a casual teacher for an RTO under a signed Employee Contract termed 'Non-Award' and receiving the approximate 25% loading for casual employment. I do not know if this Agreement is a ratified one with the FWC. There is no Union in this...
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    Redundancy Payment and NES

    I was recently made redundant. I worked through my notice period. My EA has a stated minimum 12 weeks severance pay and my employer said that my pay through the notice period counts towards the minimum. The definition in the EA defines severance pay as: salary in-lieu of notice in...