QLD Employer Possibly Trying to Force Resignation - My Employee Rights?

Discussion in 'Employment Law Forum' started by charlie_, 9 February 2019.

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    So recently I made a small error. It resulted in a conversation with the boss saying be more careful, etc. I know what I did and accept it.

    However, within a week or so another related problem that I'm being blamed for yet I don't recall having done what was said, this resulted in a more serious discussion where I was told if it happens again I'll get a written warning. The manager didn't seem to what to believe me. I have copies of emails between my coworker (who seems to be seen more as my supervisor despite us sharing responsibilities) and the manager about this and the wording is very much he stuffed up and makes other mistakes often (we all do and any mistakes have been minor and said coworker makes them too).

    In a separate area in recent months two managers have left and from what I've heard it's been a case of your making mistakes and needs to smarten up or leave and they both resigned, neither was replaced so sounds a bit like a way of avoiding redundancy.

    So at the moment, I'm looking for some opinions on any legal employee rights I might have.
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    First thing you do is a keep a log of all events you think are relevant.

    I'd consider putting in writing a complaint that you never contributed to the second related problem so it is on the record. This complaint by you may then be used if they sack you. But think carefully before you do as the potential downside is you re-raise an issue they may feel is over and they may act against you.

    It is a tough situation but it is one you have to decide about in the interim. Until action is taken against you there is no legal remedy.
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