QLD Dual Citizenship, what do I need for Orders?

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16 January 2018
I've Just found out that the company my ex works for is moving interstate. My ex is the three most senior positions in the company. He has not disclosed the fact it was moving. I hope to be in trial before the end of the year.

So - he has no employment ties to QLD any more, he has dual citizenship, as do the children. he has made it clear he only wants one of the children (12 yrs of age) and he has concealed from me where our son is and how to contact our son who does not have phone or internet access when he has been on call out 700km from home before. He left our son with people who were also on call and unknown to me. I doubt they even knew how to contact me.

Call out is - emergency call out in another state (this means he is fighting fires from the air and can move 2 to 500km away in the course of any given day during a call out), he has done this work overseas and is highly sought after internationally in this type of work and other very specialised work and his dual citizenship is helpful as a lot of companies use USA based pilots.

Agreements don't work, he agrees then breaks them with me scrambling trying to work out what is happening. I am left with no recourse as he refuses joint consent filing for his changes - so the orders unfortunately have to be specific.

SOOO, now I am scrambling. What kind of things do I need to consider for when the company leaves QLD. I assume he will work out visitation, but I don't even know what that will look like. Assuming he only moves interstate, I am guessing he will fly for visitation or fly our son, but a kid in highschool, 3 hours from an airport (I am rural) - he couldn't take fortnightly flights interstate and succeed at school. Currently exchange is 2 weekends to the father, 1 to me with 5 6 hrs driving each visitation. I have offered more holidays and only week about during the term, he said no. I dont' know what to do. Our son can't live with him, he isn't home enough due to the type of work he does - day, night, weekend, public holidays and a call out can last up to 7 weeks straight.

Ive never seen parenting orders, so I have been going by gut so far, but this is bigger than I know and I don't know what to consider. I am self represented, he is onto his third lot of lawyers.