VIC Divorce - Ex Husband Bullied Me Out of Our Property

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7 January 2015
Hi, I don't know who to talk to. My ex and I got a divorce 2 years ago and we separated 2 years prior due to me having a nervous breakdown after he forced me to quit my job and work for him, then I found him cheating on me.

Our two children lived with me for one and a half years in the house before it went up for auction and was passed in. My ex husband convinced the children that I would never be able to afford to pay the house payments on my own therefore I would cause them to lose their home, so they needed to live with him in the house and kicked me a couple days after the house was passed in. He walked into the home and demanded that I get out immediately.

A friend hired van to move some of my things into his shed. A few months later, he had a family law solicitor write up an agreement that I had to sign the house over to him as the children were living with him, so I did. It was not a court order, just a solicitor agreement so now the house is in his name on the conditions that the children live with him. Now he met another woman and is married, but two days after they were engaged, he kicked our girls aged 14 and 17 out and is living in the house with the new wife. The girls are now living with my and my new husband.

Can I get half my house back or has he well and truly bullied me out of everything (property settlement)?


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23 July 2014
First, I would strongly advise getting legal advice for this matter.

Ordinarily, there is a 12-month time limit on property settlements following finalisation of a divorce. Applying for a property settlement outside of this timeframe will need leave of the court, which is why I suggest getting legal advice.

Were you compensated in any way for signing the house over to your former spouse?