Can My Husband Evict Me from Our Family House?

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26 June 2014
I have been living with my husband for five years, coming up to 4 years of marriage. Due to marriage being on and off on the rocks, last year he threatened to legally evict me out of the house three times. CAN HE DO THIS TO GET ME OUT OF THE HOUSE.

He built the house just before he met me and moved into the house two months before I moved in with him. This year he has changed tactics by just acting single, coming and going and treating me like I don't exist.

Is he trying to get me to leave so I would be entitled to nothing?? My husband pays the mortgage and rates, I pay half of all the utility bills and I buy everything needed like food, toilet paper, laundry powder etc. I clean the house, cook and do his washing.

What are my rights, would I be entitled to a property settlement? And can he legally get me evicted from the house??

Alan Weiss

Active Member
26 June 2014
Hello ,
You do have rights under the family law Act.
I would check out this article in relation to spousal maintenance . Also, with regards to you property entitlement, the court will assess each party contributions during and before the marriage. The contributions considered may be financial or non-financial. Homemaker contributions are also included in the assessment. The Family Law Act recognizes homemaker contributions as relevant to a property settlement case.