NSW Deported to Australia - Will Criminal Record Follow Me?

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28 April 2015

I'm an Australian citizen who lived in the United States for a number of years when I was younger. When I was 19 I got into some trouble with the law. I ended up pleading guilty to 3 non violent, non drug related felonies and spent a year in custody before signing for voluntary departure and being deported back to Australia. Since coming back, I've kept myself on the right side of the law, without even so much as getting a DUI (drink driving). I've earned a university degree and am now looking to enter the corporate world. I'm worried that my criminal record may have followed me here. It would be forever grateful if someone could shed some light on this issue for me.

Kind regards,

Sarah J

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16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Copernicus,

A criminal record from NSW will only show offences you have been convicted of in a NSW court (where you were present). A National Police Certificate will show offences you have been convicted of in NSW and other Australian courts (where you were present). It will not show felonies in the US.

To be sure, you can request a copy of your background check (for a fee) from the NSW Records Section.