VIC Cut in and block to revenge, police said no damage no charge

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13 August 2017
Below is the dashcam footage from yesterday. SYW945 Driver cut me in and tried to block my car a few times on a busy road just because I didn't stop to let him change line (with a very short distance) before. My 7 years old daughter was in the car and she got quite scared. Reported to the local police and sent them the footage, but they've already told me in most cases, no damage no charge, and probably they won't even look for the driver. So my questions would be, is it ok for people driving to danger other family by breaking traffic regulations just because they are angry and no damage been made? Is there anyway to punish this reckless driver? Thanks!
Footage link:

Rob Legat - SBPL

LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
Is it okay? No. Is there any way to 'punish' them? No. The Police are the relevant body to deal with it, and they don't want to. It's a minor road rage incident, with no injury or damage. I'm seen them fail to respond to more serious circumstances.