QLD Curious Conviction

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27 November 2019
Hello! So a couple of years ago i pleaded guilty for section 79(2)(A) & 86 (2) (E) in the Transport operations (RUM) act 1995 as I blew 0.09 on my provisional licence.
why does this not come up on my national police check? I cannot find information on this anywhere!


Well-Known Member
7 September 2017
I take it that you were convicted and a period of licence disqualification was imposed? If that's the case then your conviction would appear on your Qld Traffic History. Maybe simple offences, as opposed to criminal offences don't appear on a National Police check? Not sure. You could simply ring a Legal Aid Office or Police Headquarters and make some anonymous inquiries by phone or in person if you're that keen. If you've already found the answer perhaps you might post it as at least I would be interested. Hope I've helped in some way.