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NSW Criminal Law Case Results - Are They Private?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by Nicole smith, 28 January 2015.

  1. Nicole smith

    Nicole smith Member

    28 January 2015
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    I have shared care with my ex partner of our son. It is common knowledge to us that his father was expected to be incarcerated due to some domestic violence incidents over the past 2 years. He attended court for sentencing yesterday and is now uncontactable for the kids. He also still has to face assault charges on our 18yo daughter but has made an application of annulment. What does this mean? Also is there any way we can find the results of his other case or is that private?

  2. Do I need a Lawyer

    Do I need a Lawyer Well-Known Member

    21 January 2015
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    Hi Nicole,
    If he is incarcerated then you may be able to find out where he is and what the result was by calling Corrective Services and giving them certain details about him. To find out the result from Court you can call the Registry of the Court (which he was sentence at).

    Generally an annulment application is an application made by a person who was convicted by a Court when the person was not there when they were supposed to be. The application is to overturn the conviction and start the matter from fresh.

    Hope that assists.
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