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VIC Convicted of Crime - Applying for Home Insurance and Car Insurance?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by Riaz, 28 July 2015.

  1. Riaz

    Riaz Member

    28 July 2015
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    Hi I was convicted of a white collar crime 6 years ago and served a 4 month custodial sentence. When can I or can I purchase car insurance and/or home insurance. Is there something I need to know about spent or unspent convictions ? Can I do anything to help myself ?
  2. Tracy B

    Tracy B Well-Known Member

    24 December 2014
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    Hi @Riaz,

    There is an article on here that explains criminal background checks and will answer you question on spent convictions: What Would A Police Check Reveal About You? - Blogs -

    As for purchasing car/home insurance, you are not prevent from applying for insurance at law. You can apply at any time. You may face difficulties with the insurance company, who may request a criminal background check and raise your premiums because of your past conviction (as you may be seen as a riskier applicant). However, you will unlikely be denied insurance and most cases, I don't believe there will be an issue until you make a claim (you may be investigated more rigorously).

    This really depends on the private arrangement between you and the insurance company. If you want more information, you could try contacting the Financial Ombudsman Services to enquire about what factors insurance companies are, and are not, allowed to take into account when setting rates for premiums.

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