QLD contravene of family court order

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joey luigi

24 November 2019
Hi, my 14 year old son has decided to self place at my house. Me and his mother have a court order stating, that all 3 kids spend 5 nights a fortnight at my house, and the rest at their mother's. As a consequence for my 14 year old not wanting to go back to her place, she has stopped visitation with the other 2 kids. I have asked him, if he will talk to his mother, he refuses.

I am filing a contravene of order, for her denying access to the children. What would be the likely outcome of this?


Well-Known Member
6 February 2019
You will need a section 60I certificate from a family dispute resolution practitioner to file a contravention... It's a mandatory requirement before filing in most cases so I suggest that you first call relationships Australia or another accredited FDR provider, have a chat about the issue & make an appointment.. They will contact mum, have a chat & then invite all parties to mediation in attempt to clarify the issues & find a resolution....Hopefully a resolution can be found & that's where it will end..