SA Child Abuse Abroad - Victim and Abuser now live in Australia

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    My question for the forum concerns what is involved in reporting child abuse from more than 40 years ago, where the abuse actually occurred abroad - but both the victim and perp are now living in Australia. To try and cut a long story short : I grew up in Wales and at a young age suffered sexual abuse at the hands of an uncle. The abuse stopped in my early teens when I migrated to South Australia with family. Many other family members followed suit over the next few years and migrated to SA and other parts of the country. The uncle who abused me and his family also headed Down under and settled in WA a few years after we moved here.

    My uncle is getting on in years and is elderly now. For some time, I have been going through the long and painful process of deciding whether to report what happened to me as a child. However, I am concerned that as the abuse occurred in another country, it will not be pursued by Australian authorities and that I should instead take this up back in Wales. Is anyone able to advise on how child protection and criminal matters are handled here when the crime happened in another country, but both the victim and abuser live in different states of Australia?

    Much gratitude in advance for any advice you are able to pass on.
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    Hi graylight,
    I'm no expert in this area but I assume the situation would be similar to the recent Rolf Harris matter where, to my understanding, complaints were initially made in Australia to state police, referred to the appropriate international police who then interviewed the complainant and reviewed the evidence before taking further action.

    You may also consider contacting 1800 RESPECT, a national counselling hotline (telephone and online chat).

    Hope this helps.
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