VIC Caught attempting to shoplift from Big W

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12 October 2019
Hi everyone,

I was stupidly dared to shop lift a lip balm and nail polish (totalling $39.80 - was an expensive nail polish) from Big W.

After going through the checkout and paying for items we did intend to purchase my friend and I were approached upon our exit by two plain clothed LPO’s (male and female) and asked to follow them to a room in the back of the store.

They told us they weren’t going to contact the police, just asked us to produce the stolen items and then the female LPO performed a body search. We handed over the items and were asked for ID which we provided. They then gave us a trespass notice and voluntary statement to fill out which we did. It was a quick process, about 15 mins. We left the store with the items we did purchase and were told we are forbidden from entering any Big W store for 12 months in Victoria.

My question is simply, will we have a record of this incident with the police? Could this affect our jobs if they are to perform a background check on us?

We learnt our lesson and realise that a stupid dare could have serious consequences. Will not be dumb enough to attempt this again.

Thank you!


Well-Known Member
27 September 2015
nope no background check will pick this one up.
A criminal conviction is required before it will appear on a work police check.

Lesson learnt..