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Parking is the act of stopping and disengaging a vehicle and leaving it unoccupied. Parking on one or both sides of a road is often permitted, though sometimes with restrictions. Some buildings have parking facilities for use of the buildings' users. Countries and local governments have rules for design and use of parking spaces.

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  1. C

    WA Faded / unreadable parking sign

    Recently I was issued with a $300 parking fine for Stopping/ parking contrary to a clearway sign. I parked there during the night and a unable to read the parking sign. The next morning I saw the fine on my dashboard and took a photo of the sign showing how unreadable it really is. I plan to...
  2. B

    WA Parking infringement no stopping zone

    Hello, I require legal advice for an infringement notice of $200 for parking in a no stopping zone in a cul del sac. If I considered taking my case to court how would this measure up with the Magistrate? My vehicle was parked in the no stopping zone momentarily as my car was booked in for...
  3. G

    WA Parking fine

    Hi, somebody borrowed my car last year and parked it in a limited time zone in Perth City, he was fined by Perth City parking inspectors but never told me. The City of Perth sent me a couple of infringement notices at my address which I never received on time because we were in Europe. After...
  4. S

    VIC Parking inspector driving while taking phot of my car, does my parking fine stand?

    Hi, I recently parked in a loading zone in Fairfield Melbourne, when I returned to my car the inspector was driving past with his hand out the window taking a picture of my car. I have checked the online pictures and all of them show that he is in the vehicle while taking the pics. My question...
  5. J

    NSW Parking fine [in the zone, but past the sign???] Sydney NSW Council trap?!

    I have recently been issued a parking fine for being deemed to have parked in a 'no parking' zone by being past a no parking sign, yet I am within the painted parking zone box? I have spoken to NSW revenue, the ones who have issued the fine and their stance is the sign is the driving factor to...
  6. C

    WA Multiple parking fines submitted then withdrawn by council

    Hi - so quick run down- in 2021 I was issued with 4 parking fines and spread out throughout the year - every single original fine had a mistake (one had a bobcat infringement, another stated the offence took place at the council next over) - basically due to medical issues I missed the court...
  7. D

    Council Parking Ticket issued while parked on private property NSW

    In August 2023 I parked my motorcycle in the Sydney CBD on Bent Street in a place where motorcycles have been parking for years. The location is adjacent to the Universities and Schools Club and is recessed from the building line. The Universities and Schools club has put signs on the building...
  8. Wise Wolfie

    NSW Parking fine - Unclear Chalk.

    Received a parking fine for over staying the parking period. Their story: Chalk on tyre: 6:45 Came back at 9 and fined me. I believe the chalk on the tire looks like 8.45 "We acknowledge your comments that you believe the time of your fine from the chalk mark on your tyre was 8.45pm...
  9. J

    NSW Parking on private property

    I am managing a local swimming pool, we have private parking on the outside do our building. A tenant from the apartment next door continually parks in the private park regardless of the many notes left on the windscreen and verbal requests to stop parking there. What can I do?
  10. K

    VIC Pulling out of parking space collision

    I was reversing out from a 45'' angle parking space onto the main street with a 40kmph limit,I was backing out slowly while using my mirrors and side window to check for cars,There was a roundabout 20 to 30 meters away and there were no cars present when I started to back out ,I had nearly...