Car Loan Debt and Ex-Wife

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1 August 2014
Hi. I had a car which was bought in 2006, which i never drove. My ex wife and I split in February 2007. My ex took the car knowing very well the car loan was on it. Then there was a legal matter which took place where I was placed in a correctional facility and that was when she took the car, and a court order placed against me to not to contact her. So she used that to her advantage to sell everything we owned in the house plus take the car and flee to another state. Now I'm getting demands to pay in full the amount for the car. The contract has both our names on it. I want to know, where would I legally stand in fighting this matter? I don't believe it's right that she has got the car and all of about $40,000 from house hold items plus now leaving me with the debt for a car I never used.

Thank you.