QLD Can Debt be Waived Due to Bankruptcy?

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28 December 2016
In January this year I declared bankruptcy. September this year, after my partner and I broke up, I applied for FTB and the ATO must of reassessed my income for financial year ending 2015. I received a tax debt of $1500. Obviously this debt was not known at my time of filing for bankruptcy and if it was known, I would've included in my bankruptcy application.

My question is, can this debt be waived seeing as it was accrued prior to filing for bankruptcy? Who do I call? The ATO or AFSA?


Victoria S

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
Hi Natasha755,

Debts incurred before your bankruptcy begins are still provable in (or cleared by) your bankruptcy. I would inform your trustee in bankruptcy about the debt asap and get advice from him or her. I would think that notwithstanding that you received it late, if it was incurred before the bankruptcy commenced it would be provable.